Things be happening. And that's how I feel about that.

In no particular order:

1)  I have 2 1/2 months left in Korea.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.

2) I have 6 countries mapped out for this summers adventure, including stints with an elephant orphanage, buddhist monks, and a sea turtle conservation project.  I feel exciiiiiited about that.

3)  I have 1 more full week with Matty-pants before he goes home to his new family in California.  I feel happysadhappy about that.

4)  I have finally begun a long awaited ink/art project and it is looking b.e.a.utiful.  I feel badass about that.

5)  I have met someone interesting who I have (astoundingly) been making time for...at the end of my time here.  I feel sort of absurd (but happy) about that.

6) I have a solid gig lined up for the 90 days I am allowing myself in Dallas when I return in October.  I feel relieved about that.

7)  I'm various percentages of certain about what I'll be doing after those 90 days in Dallas.  I'm 100% certain whatever it is will be located somewhere interesting in the world.  I feel open minded about that.

8)  I've almost completely mastered vegan eating, give or take one or two malfunctions with dessert/coffee treats per month.  I feel healthy about that.

9)  I have never been more certain about my decision to quit Omni, as my new gig at TLC has proven incredible.  I feel every good feeling in the world about that.

10)  This is my first Sunday at home in Ulsan in 5 weeks..  I feel like I should have nap....about that.