An Alien in America

I'm three and a half weeks back in America and adjusting and struggling to find the juice to try and explain how I feel about the transition...fortunately for my current blogging ineptitude, the great Grrrl Traveler has described the experience of reverse culture shock from Asia/SE Asia to America spot.on.

What's it like to be back?  Find out here.


And now?

After 13 months of transformation in Korea, 100 more glorious days of lovely countries, incredible people, huge lessons and changed perspectives abounded.  I'm 11 days into America, 24 hours into Dallas, and 6 months and 24 days from strapping my backpack on again for more.

What do I know now?  I am more in love with the world than ever before.  I feel more peace, more love, and my arms are open wider than I've ever known possible.  Stories to tell.  Lessons to share.  Happiness to spread everywhere.  I'd seen a lot of countries before this.  I'd "enjoyed" travel before this.  But...I saw it differently this time around.  I let it actually change me.  My final month slapped me in the face with a new perspective on...everything.

Two days ago this happened.  Few things have made me happier in my life than m'bro's gorgeous smile on this day:

Last night, this happened.  Many dogs have broken my nose before, but few have been so welcomed in doing so:

And now?  Absorbing what I can of Dallas.  Until May.  Remembering that every second of every day, there are beings out there. Thinking, feeling, doing things, living their lives, and existing.  Being.  Being.   We all know this.  But I never knew this.  I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of this full realization.  I'm reminding myself of it daily.

More to come.