This post has nothing to do with South Korea

Two posts in a row about cold, cold Dallas...it's consuming me and I'm snow-ver it.  But!  I'm putting my snow scrooge aside to share the only fun part about freezing:  snowdogs.

Meet Nelson, my current foster puppy.  I was asked to go pick up a rottweiler puppy that had been dumped in the freezing rain, and he turned out to be this mini-schnauzer looking thingie:


Nelson hasn't been a big fan of the freezing temps.  He shivers so much he's like a little vibrating wind up toy.  He spends more time in my arms and zipped in my jacket than in the snow:

Keepin' those paws dry

Mikey, in typical Mikey fashion, goes from one end of the snow spectrum to the other:

Step 1) glare at mom, look around clueless, cry:

hate it

Step 2) figure it, fly like the wind:

love it

It's not just the dogs that make the best of the elements.  Early yesterday, I watched my neighbor sculpting in our courtyard, all alone, totally entertaining himself (anything is entertaining after 4 days of citywide shutdown).  I am impressed that he had a wig on hand for his sunbathing snow-woman:


So, blahblah, this weather can be fun, thanks to snowdogs and sculpting neighbors.  Still, my sentiments remain.  Luckily, we're supposed to resume our 60 degree temps next weekend.  And if we don't, I'm going to Florida:

Until then, go Packers go (really sorry about the Super Bowl weather)!

- K-k-k-kate <---get it?  I'm shivering.

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Preppy Girl said...

Nelson is so cute!!!! I wish they made snow boots for dogs...