Happy Birthday, Old Man Pops!

Old Man Pops is *70 years old* today.  70 years old!  Here are 10 fun facts about the one and oldly (ha) Old Man Pops:

1)  OMP is SMART and knows everything.  I call OMP anytime I'm stuck on an obscure fact and he never fails to give the correct answer.  Forget Google.  We've got OMP.

2)  When asked "How are you doing today?" he'll respond with "Well, I may survive until tomorrow."  Every.  Single.  Time.

3)  OMP is a Master of Puns.  He's so damn punny and we're always getting pun-ked.

4)  OMP  has a penchant for C-rated sci-fi and martial arts movies.  Think Steven Segal.  I wish this were a joke.

5)  He is a GIANT genealogy buff and knows the history of every ancestor in our family tree (and probably yours, too).

6)  He plays Farmville on Facebook.  (I know).

7)  OMP is an incredible cook.  I may be 40 years old and still living at home just for this reason.

8)  He is frugal to the extreme and will tape the sole of his sandal together rather than buy a new one.

9)  OMP used to have a FULL gray beard.  He shaved it off when I was about 12 years old.  I didn't recognize him.  I might have screamed?

10)  When arriving to a surprise birthday dinner celebration, OMP will rock an 'Archaeology Magazine' t-shirt:

He's the greatest OMP that ever did live and I'm the luckiest that he's mine.  Happy New Decade, Old Man Pops!  Let's make it the best one yet.


LynneGwist said...

I'm honored to have your OMP as a father figure in my life as well. What a great dad he is, as evidenced by his awesomely cool kids.

Kate said...

You fit right in!

Melissa said...

This is such a cute post! And a great picture of you and your dad. I love great dads :)

bradSK said...

Great blog! (and thanks for lending me some traffic :-P) Let me know when you arrive, I can show you the sprawling semi-metropolis of Daegu!

Good luck with the rest of your paperwork... It'll work out.

Kate said...


Visa paperwork is in process in Korea and I'll arrive in Ulsan on May 25th. A trip to Daegu to follow sometime for sure!