Korea is a dirty little tease

I'm pretty sure my boss thinks I'm some kind of mirage in a desert.  He keeps trying to get me to Korea, but I'm always juuuuust out of reach.  And then he's having nightmares like I don't really exist, I'm just some kind of rapture-esque otherwordly, fooling him into thinking I'm going to be teaching for his students this next year, only for him to wake up on my first day of work to hear a big 'psych!  got your nose' and never hear of me again, thereby leaving him stranded without a teacher so his business goes crashing into the ground. And when he asks what happens, no one knows who or what he is talking about, it was all in his head.

I tried tonight to convince him that I am really not a difficult person.  Things are usually pretty seamless for me, I am well prepared and organized.  Not that he would know any of this based on all of the visa issues up to this point.  Believe it or not, there were more at the end of last week where it looked like everything would be delayed 2 weeks, and I am happy to announce that I remained Griswold-free and handled it like a pro and it all worked out after a mere 48 hours.

I was packed and ready to go tonight with my 70lb suitcase because I refuse to be the girl with more than one bag.  I haven't checked a bag in 10 years - having to check 1 bag, let alone multiple bags...it's a pride thing, let it be heavy, I'll pay the fee.  My friend Zha picked me up to zip me out to the airport because Old Man Pops didn't want to drive.  I really thought he'd be more upset about my leaving, but he just hugged me like it was nothing and walked back up the steps into the house, despite all of my best efforts for a sentimental goodbye.  Old Man Pops is such a cold hearted snake.

Long story short (don't people always say that after talking too much in the first place?), my flight was canceled, but I didn't sweat a beat.  Surely there are 9879687589 flights from Dallas to LA tonight, right?  I'll totally make it to connect to my flight to Seoul at midnight.  Zha was kind enough to park his car and come in with me to help figure it out.  As soon as we walked in (well, I walked in, Zha was crawling about 10 miles behind me with the bag full of sand), we saw lines.  Around the building.  Everyone on cell phones, on  hold.  Turns out every flight in America is delayed or canceled; those tornados in Missouri yesterday clearly didn't cause enough grief.  It was going to take 4 hours to even reach the ticket booth to discuss re-routing options, and the hold times by phone at all the airlines were hovering around 45 minutes to an hour.  WELP!  Home then.  I overheard enough people talking about their delays and realized that I was not making it to LA to catch my flight to Korea tonight.

So, I'm re-booked for tomorrow, driving my poor boss insane.  I feel so bad about how much money he has spent on me and how much grief all of this is causing him.  BUT, I get one more night with this guy, and I can't complain one single bit:

There's only one thing about leaving Dallas behind that gives me the sads and it's saying goodbye to my love.  My life anywhere in the world would be better with him by my side, but his happiness is my top priority and I know that there is no comparison between 10 hours locked alone in a tiny Korean apartment versus a big spacious home with multiple doggie companions, big yard and pool, and OMP at his beck and call all day long.

So, one more night of Mikey kisses and then I'm really outta here (right?).


A Preppy Girl said...

Maybe its all a big sign you should just stay here.

Kate said...

'nothing that's worthwhile is ever easy. remember that.'

James said...

Flying across continents is always problematic.

As a fellow TEFL teacher, you'll be pleased to know that you beat me for the luggage rule. Seriously, I took 180 lbs worth of stuff back from Budapest. My fees were...insane.

Kate said...

did the yinzer post on my blog!!? YES! i love your blog. especially your list of things to do. and the fact that you are hilarious.

i'm not surprised I beat you on the weight limit. i don't toot my skills for nothin' :)