TOMS inserts = Korean academy fun

Old Man Pops sent me a care package a few weeks ago full of food (black beans!), clothes, and new TOMS.  I have packages sent to our school for two reasons:  1) I don't know my home address, and 2) I don't think a package would stay put outside my door all the live long day without some peek-a-boo neighbor "checking it out" for me.

It's as exciting for the kids as it is for me when I get a package at school.  While I was dancing around with my can of black beans, two of my students were obsessed with the inserts that came inside my new TOMS.  The enthusiasm lasted the entire rest of the school day - it was absurd. They were hats, gas masks, hackey sacks, umbrellas...you name it, they got creative with them.  Two weeks later, one of them showed up to class still playing with them.  Apparently...when kids go to school for 20 hours a day, shoe inserts are magical.

I'm concerned.


Anne & Andy said...

Ahh the possibilities are endless. In other news, I'd love to send you a care package. Besides beans & shoes, what else can I send? Some Monjuni's sweet sauce?! :)

Kate said...

um. YES! Monuni's sauce! and pesto sauce! i will TOTALLY email you my address! FEED ME!