Oh yeah...I teach, too.

It might be hard to tell, save for one or two posts on this blog, but...I am indeed a teacher.  I see, teach, laugh at/with, babysit, repeat words over and over for, high five, low five, avoid dong chims from, and really quite enjoy my students every day.

Sadly, my co-worker and I have decided to change schools later this month for a lot of complicated reasons, and I'm going to miss these monkeys in a pretty major way.  Turns out, I really, really love teaching 6th graders.  This school is different from most in Korea, as it is an accelerated learning program for very advanced English language students.  I rarely even realize that they are speaking a second language.  I really have a ridiculous amount of fun with them.  It's awesome to joke around with students on such a high level.  If I ever decide to teach in real life (real life?), I know what age I'll go for...  I wonder if students in America constantly tell their teachers they are very beautiful and look 21?

I have some really hilarious videos I want to show off, but I'm totally inept and can't seem to get them off my phone onto the computer...I send and I send and I send and nothing comes through.  Stay tuned until I understand technology.

Check out some Halloween photos in the meantime:

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