All the words and words and words and words in the previous post?  They're now being zenned out by this dude.  Ajahn Chah.  I started reading the collection of his Dharma talks, Being Dharma:  The Essence of Buddha's Teachings.

Holy vegan macaroni.  My whole worldview is being transformed.  I'm a rookie in this department, but I'm a fan.  Not that I'm going to run off to try and find enlightenment and nirvana.  I don't have time for that.  Nor do I have any desire to subscribe fully to any one religion.  But Ajahn Chah explains the Buddhist practice in such simple terms that it is almost moronic not to apply them to your life and the situations that are thrown at you.  I'm trying and it's hard. I'm hitting and missing; just can't always control the crazy.  But the overall message and idea is sound and one I'm going to keep working to incorporate in my life.

Go forth.  Read it.  That's about all I can say without totally kooking out.

In other news, how impressive am I to make two posts within a week?

Here's a story:  I took Monday off to sit and read at the beach and work through m'brain; needed a mental health day.  Woke up with a few nuts still loose, refreshed myself with some pages from Ajahn Chah, and zenfully grooved out the door to catch my train back to Ulsan.  I was jamming to some toons in the subway when the oldest ajusshi I've ever seen tapped me smack on my head said "Pep" and pointed to my feet.  Obviously, I have no idea what he was actually saying or referring to.  But I'd like to assume he was telling me I had pep in my step.  I was sassyin' along to my music.

...It's definitely going to be hard to go back to living in a place where I understand everything that's being said and can't just turn it into whatever I want...

Here's to Anjahn Chah and peppy steps.

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