You. Yes, You. Thank you and I love you.

It's time.  I blinked and 13 months in Korea happened.  It was nothing like I anticipated and it was everything it should have been.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  all the credit for this being an actual great experience goes to the people I met here.  This post is for you, people.  Yes, you:

You have changed my life.  You have made me smile.  You have made me laugh.  You have made me grow.  I'm the same, but I am different now.  Better different.  Because of you.  You've inspired me, challenged me, swooned me.  I've completely fallen in love with each of you and the incredible brilliant'ness you posses and have enlightened me with.

I am lucky for knowing you. Thank you for existing and making life better.  Thank you for loving life and making it count.  We've made some good ol' love.  Thank you, thank you.  Thank you.

Here's to meeting again and sharing moments elsewhere in the world.

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