Morning routine

I wake up.  Attempt to keep in touch and make contact with home.  Usually don't (turns out I'm a terrible Skype'r).  Drink my green tea and eat breakfast.  Breakfast is usually fruit.

Here's what about that:

My kitchen sink doesn't have a disposal, so old fruit leftovers and other stuff can't just get washed away.  It has to go in the trash can.  But that stinks.  Smells real bad.  And it took me a while to realize this.  My apartment gets reeeeeeal hot when I'm gone.  It's for-real-like-very-badly-stuffy every night when I get home.  And smelly.  And I totally did not make the 'food in the trash can/smells like ass' connection for like, three weeks.  So my solution for the past two weeks since the 'food in the trash can/smells like ass' enlightenment has been to...throw it out the window.
Is that wrong?

Ulsan smells bad enough in most places, so I just feel like my apartment should be spared.  I mean.  There's a perfectly good pile of trash outside my window.  It's across the street, really, so it's more that I'm lobbing food out the window across the street.

There's also a not so itsy-bitsy spider friend who lives in between the window and the screen that I lob my fruit from.  He looks ferocious and I strongly dislike him.  But I'm keeping him because I hear he'll eat the mutant roaches that are rumored to appear after rainy season.

He moves fast and I'm terrified to take my eyes off of him when I'm at the window.  You can imagine how this affects my fruit lobbing skills.  I heard a big thunk the other day after I chunked my apple core; I'm not sure what I hit, but I didn't lose sight of the spider, and this is the second main goal each morning, aside from preventing 'food in the trash can/smells like ass'.

It should also be noted that when I dodge spiders with the impressive agility that I have recently developed, an uncontrollable sound comes out of my mouth.  Something resembling terror and triumph combined.  Like Sloth from the Goonies yelling about his Baby Ruth.

And since it's morning and I'm getting ready for the day, I'm usually only half dressed.

So.  Every morning when I wake up in Korea, I find myself  half dressed at the window, balancing a cup of hot green tea, lobbing fruit across the street while dodging a spider and sounding like a person with a speech impediment on drugs.

Here's what else.  Korea has a surveillance system all over everywhere called CCTV.  The camera on the building next to mine is aimed directly at my window.

This routine is caught on tape every morning.

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