A short post about how I hate the American healthcare system.

I went to a doctor today.  That cold I had apparently festered while I thought I was feeling better and came zinging back to me on Sunday night as a sinus infection.

The visit to the doctor cost $6.  The medicine he prescribed cost $7.  I didn't even use my Korean insurance.  Granted, the pills come dressed in condom wrappers and they are totally unidentifiable.  But since my voice completely left my body a few hours ago and I currently sound like a goose honkin' around in heat when I try to speak, I'll take anything.


$14 overall without using insurance.  What would that cost in the US without insurance?  Or even with insurance?  I'm still paying off a few thousand to my US insurance just for the deductible from my surgery in November (which itself only cost a few hundred dollars).

What up, 'Merica?

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