...dare I trek it alone?

My travel lady and I mapped out our SE Asia conquests today.  Things look good and we are panda-amped.  However, it turns out I still have a whole month to fill on my own.  

Originally, my other travel lady and I were going to meet in Nepal to trek Annapurna during that month.  Alas, her new life plan to attend clown school (excuse me, physical theater school) has interrupted our trip, and it's all on me now.  I fully support and high five her new direction, so it ain't no thang, and luckily I really enjoy traveling solo, however... if I find myself in Nepal, that hot mama Annapurna would be right in front of me, all enticing and appealing and stuff.  "Come hike me, little girl," she would say, irresistibly.  How could I say no?  Just look at her!

As if she weren't magical enough, turns out her name in Sanskrit means "bestower of food in great quantities."  I. Must. Go.

It's just that...I trip a lot, especially going up.  Something about not picking up my feet or whatever.  It would be really sad if I cracked my teeth off my face from a fall and no one was there to laugh and cry with me over it.  You really need a friend in situations like those to help find your missing teeth.  And there's the other obvious, rational potential problems to consider when it comes to a multi-day trek, like getting lost (I get lost in my own apartment most of the time), sick, murdered, blah blah.  I'm not sure I have the plums to go it alone, but the desire to see the magic is po-tent....there's a legit debate inside my brain, unwise as it may be.


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