Korea finally WOW'ed me

We went to Gangwan-do Province, near the DMZ border in Sokcho for Lunar New Year.  We were looking for a snowy, winter wonderland, and a warm cottage with wine and awesomery.  And holy shit. We found it in a major way.

My ladies and I decided to hike Ulsan Bawi, part of Mt. Seoraksan.   We were ill prepared.  At least, I was.  For whatever reason, I packed pajamas for the whole weekend.  My thought was "it's gonna be cold, I should be fuzzy and snuggly!"  I'm dumb.  I sho' did bust out the ol' cozy sundress and fuzzy pants for a seriously snowy, steep, and slippery hike.  I mean, I was warm, and I managed to be one of the last ladies standing on ice.  But Jesus Taliban, Korea is affecting my style.  I don't think I had much to begin with, but I've recently found myself taking 'fashion faux pas' to another level.


It was supposed to be a 2 hour hike up, but we professional hikers like to pause for snowball fights, sandwiches, and photo montages.  It took something like 5 hours.  Going down was easy; we sledded down on our butts almost the entire way.  Snow enemas!

We also almost died from a roof avalanche, and I learned that if you are ever trapped in snow, you should drool (or spit) so you know which way is up.  Releasing other bodily functions will help, also.  Whatever you let out of yourself, gravity will pull it down so you know to dig the opposite way.  FYI.

ready'ish to hike

fashion adviiiice?

Ulsan Bawi - we hit the top o' that mother



I've never seen so much snow!  I've never been so soaking wet from so much snow.  I've never had so much fun.  Hands down, best day in Korea.  Or, hands up.  Praise Korea!

The next day we bebopped down a valley to check out Biryon Falls aka Narnia.  NARNIA.  I was also allowed to borrow real clothes.  I have good friends.  Or, I embarrass good friends.  Either/or.

It's good to finally know there is at least one place in Korea that can take your breath away.  Sadly, it still gets infiltrated:

Happy Lunar New Year! Here's the usual collage o' events:


Pollyanna said...

I prefer your PJs and sundress style. Anybody who isn't impressed by you, no matter what you're wearing, is just not impressive. <3

Anonymous said...

Hey, I live in gwangju korea and when i was doing research on mt. seoraksan your blog post came up.

I am totally enchanted by this cabin you speak of. What pension/cabin place did you stay at??


Kate said...

Hi Jen -

We stayed at Andante Pension in Sokcho: http://andantepension.com/

We got the 10 person space, totaling $500 for 3 nights. It had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, tons of floor space, and a full kitchen. And a sweet view of the mountain from the window.

They also allowed our dogs.

It's about 20m by cab to the mountain ($8-$10).

Good luck!